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April 19, 2016

     RFP Tap in Tuesday...Topic Stay Focused...Scripture Psalms 121....It appears that many are being attacked and suppressed on every side. What is happening is that we are entering  a  season of  blessings  (tangible and intangible). And since we are entering this season the enemy knows that you are on the verge of being what and where you were purposed to be.

  Know that God has heard your prayer and He is sending your relief and your release. But until it comes stay focused.

   Endure this storm and stay focused. God will see you through. Just keep your eyes and heart on Him.

RFP Family

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April 12, 2016

    RFP Tap in Tuesday... Topic.. A Residual Flow from 2nd Kings Chp 4 vs 5-7... Often times we get blessed & we are joyous and full of life but it appears to only be for a moment or a season. Then we enter into a drought longing for another blessing. Well tonight God wanted to tell you that you are  about to enter a place of a Residual Flow in your life. The woman was in a rough place & needed a blessing. Because of her obedience she entered a place of constant blessing..    

     Just. as she lived off of the oil, so shall you. The flow from God that is about to enter your life will be enough for your lineage. The blessings of God brings joy and adds no sorrow. This next blessing won't stop.....         

RFP Family

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January 26, 2016

    RFP Tap in Tuesday Topic: I Survived the Trap Daniel Chp 6..Daniel was about to receive a major    p  promotion. As a result, he had a group of conspirators who would rather see him dead. Long story sh   short they set a trap for him only to have it to backfire and end up destroyed. The three points that were made tonight were:

 .  No wrong have you done. The favor on your life is what they despise. God is elevating you because of your faithfulness and He can trust you.

2.The trap won't Destroy you. There are times we make decisions based on ego and pressure even if it will ultimately hurt those we really love. Be mindful of what you are being pulled in.

3. God will get the glory. Because of your favor you'll survive the trap. The ones who tried to destroy you will be destroyed. God will get the glory as all will believe because you survived what was designed to kill you.


RFP Family.

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June 30, 2015



RFP Tap in Tuesday Topic: Quit Sizing Me Up 1st Samuel Chp 16, verses 5-13..Samuel came to Jesse's house to anoint the next King of Israel. All the boys were passed over except the one who was “qualified” by God not man. David was anointed king after he was sized up to only be a sheep herder and an errand boy. This season you will no longer be looked over but they will have to see you the way God created you to be. The 3 points that were made tonight were:


1. Be diligent to your current position. Keep tending the sheep while they forget about you. Everybody that look like they are having a good time really isn't.


2. Be faithful even if you are lonely. David was out with sheep while everyone else was preparing to eat and be merry. He worked until he was called for.


3. Don't Size Me Up.... David was anointed to be king after being forgotten about and over looked even by his own father. What they have to recognize is that you are the one who can kill the giant that’s torturing the city. That you are the one who will fight and keep them alive. There is kingdom in you in spite of how you are right now.


Side note....Take God out of the box and quit sizing Him up. He can do what be created Himself to fit in your life.


RFP Family.


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